Colourful Candyland!

9:43:00 AM

Morning Monday!

Belated entry...huhu.
Happy Belated Birthday Maya Suraya!

Patutnye entry ni sebulan yg lepas.
Takperla nk citer jgakkan!

If u alls ingat entry Farah's baby shower.
and continue with Visiting Maya Suraya.
Entry ni plak celebrating maya 1st birthday!

Beautiful Party!
I know Farah @ maya's mummy yg plg excited to celebrate & organize maya's besday!
The candyland was awesome! beautiful! colourful!
Yes....I like it! Food is yummy!
Candy's buffet mmg happening! nasibla cik merah kecik lg...hehe
and 1st time jumpa macarons! ohhhh so sweet!

Yes...I bring my camera.
But...I left it in my car. bcoz hubby kata hujan. susah nak bawak!
yerla nk handle humairah's stroller lg and etc. tinggal je la dlm kete.
and sy sempat capture 2-3 pics tru my phone.
and lgpun....hujan sgt lebat aritu...maka tak byk photo dpt capture. sorry!
and no picture cik merah with besday girl..
next time...we meet again ok!

korg leh check it out @ Farah's blog for more pictures.
I'm sure farah will upload more pics! tungguuuuuuuuu
Farah...after this bleh tlg organize for humairah's birthday plak yer :)

Birthday Girl...Maya Suraya!
(farah...i copy from ur blog! sorry yer)

Maya's besday cake!
ohhhh! sy tak sempat rasa!

Cik Merah yg merah!

cik merah wat show plak kat besday party maya! huhu!
dah kna sarung baju lain sbb hujan! sejukla mama!

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