PASTAMATE by Tupperware

12:32:00 PM

New! HOT item!

Indulge your love for pasta.
More organized. Bleh estimate utk brape org makan melalui lubang kecil yg disediakan.
Tak perlu nak kira kira. cukup utk 1 pack pasta.

PastaMate (2pcs)
1.6 L
12.0 cm (L) x 8.5cm (W) x 29.9cm (H)
Retail : RM 68.80
Now RM 54.80

My Price : RM 45 + Postage : RM 7
Total : RM 52

Suka pastamate ni?  Stock pun limited ni.
Sebab jarang ader stock ni.
To pasta lover. Sy suggestkan korg ade ni.

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My collection of pastamate!

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