Printables for Little Cupcake

9:52:00 AM

Printables kali ni for celebrating 1st birthday of Zahra Aisyah.
Requested by my BFF izna.
The theme pada asalnya tiffany + brown.

Last minute change to tiffany + pink.
The inspiration from Cupcake Themed Birtday Party

Printables including
- TQ tag
- Cake toppers
- Alphabet banner
- Food Label
- Mineral water label

Deco deco by izna and her family. sweet sgt.
Photo send just tru whatsapp jer. Tak berapa nak clear sgt.
Nti kalo ader photo yg clear. sy share lg ok!

Kali ni izna request cupcake toppers sbb diorg order cupcake as birthday cake.
Sy juga DIY box for cupcake stand. 
Tapi last minute my friend kata tak jadi cupcake.
Ganti dgn birthday cake. Sweet sgt birthday cake tu! 
Tapi atas keterujaan dgn cupcake toppers tu. My friend beli jgak cupcake.
Kali ni jgak sy sediakan juga jar as requested.

Services : Design and Printing.
Printing in GOOD QUALITY.
Boleh juga request utk design jer and print sendiri.

Please email me at for details yer!

TQ Tag

Cupcake Toppers in the making...
Done for cupcake toppers..
Food labels
Food labels II
Mineral water label

Alphabet banners.
Party Buffet...

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  1. Ada email something... check eh..?
    Sweet sangat-sangat... saya suka..saya suka...

  2. macam nama my daughter :)
    everything looks so nice n cute!

  3. salam..

    cantiknya... guna photoshop ke buat ni?

  4. salam..

    cantiknya... semua ni guna photoshop ke?

  5. Salam.Nice!
    Nak tanya la. ni print sendiri kat rumah ke? boleh tak share u guna kertas jenis apa dan printer jenis apa? thanx


    1. salam syai.
      sy print di kedai printing menggunakan art card.


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