Let Go #1 : Preloved Booster Car Seat (SOLD)

11:44:00 AM

Let It Go!
Let It Go!
Let It Go!

Saya dah kumpul barang2 untuk let go!
Insyallah nti sy up kat sini. ada barang semurah RM 1 je tau!
Terlajak murah kata ko!

Hari ni nak let go preloved Booster Car Seat.
Sebenarnya tak der la preloved sangat.
Sebab beli untuk Humairah.
Kesudahannya ada la 2 kali duduk. itu pun test je...huhu.
Car seat ni senang nak simpan. sebab boleh lipat dua.

Beli ketika ikut husband kerja di Christchurch New Zealand tahun 2011.

Preloved Price RM 170 (dah ada yg book)
email : aisheiteru@gmail.com
COD only : Nilai/Sepang/Semenyih/Keramat

Edinburgh Travel Booster Seat Black Circles

The Edinburgh Travel Booster Seat provides safety and comfort for your baby while your on the road. This back booster features a secure 5 point safety harness. This booster seat converts in a half booster when your toddler is between 25-36kgs. The washable fabric will keep your keep your booster seat fresh and stain free. Tested and approved to ECE Standards the Edinburgh Travel Booster is a great choice for you


- Tested and approved to ECE Standards
- Suitable from 9kgs up to 36kgs:
- 9-18kg with Harness
- 15-25kgs Booster
- 15-36kgs Booster Cushion
- Weighs 5kgs
- 2 shoulder height positions
- 5 point harness
- Washable fabric
- Converts to half booster seat
- Seat belt lock

This seat has a 10 year recommended life span from date of manufacture

Wide: 47cms
Tall: 60.5cms
Deep: 30.7cms


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  1. ala terlepas :( hehe

    sis cepat2 upload apa lagi brg baby nk di letgo...tgh cari ni.. ^__^